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Tory Taglio is a self taught, award winning photographer based in Sun Valley, Idaho. From humble beginnings shooting snaps with a Kodak Instamatic, Tory has worked hard to achieve photographic excellence in the disciplines of both landscape and architectural photography. His laid back approach to his craft contrasts with his ambitious approach to create a stunning image, every time. Its a balance that shows in his work as a blend of relaxed beauty, rich colors, and simple, yet exacting compositions.

Today , Tory Taglio shoots with state of the art, HD Panoramic equipement that results in extremely detailed resolution and color accuracy. His large fine art canvases and panoramic acrylics are unique and impressive decor for any home or commercial space.

"I aim to create an image that expresses the emotion I felt at the time and place that I made the photograph, not just a recording of the scene. If I can reveal that moment to others, and it becomes a shared memory, then my art has succeeded."

"Photography gives me a voice...an outlet at the intersections of the compulsive and creative sides of my personality. With a camera I feel I have a socially acceptable license to be as passionate and determined as I feel. All seasons, from the mountains, the deserts to the ocean...the more I see the more shots I add to my to do list."

When not shooting for clients, Tory Taglio is creating images that communicate the beauty of the natural world and the passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

"All environments create opportunity for stunning landscapes or breathtaking action. Stalking animals with my Nikon is similar to composing that epic landscape, no matter how much you pre-visualise the image,the result will always surprise you. And that surprise is your trophy, a memorial icon of a day spent in synergy with the natural world."
Enjoy the photos and if you need the services of photographer, please contact Tory Taglio at:

tory@toryshoots.com   (208) 720-6218

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