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Because each photographer will have specific needs for each shoot pricing will vary.

Basic Prices:

Capture Tech Rate (10 hour day) $500/day
17" MacBookPro w/ 8gb RAM & 24" Cinema Display $200/day
*Overtime $100 per hour
*Rate represents a Shoot, Prep, Post or Travel day.

Processing & Post
RAW to Tiff, PSD, High Res or Low Res JPEG files $1.50 each
Web Gallery Creation $100 per setup
FTP Upload $100 per session

Turnaround Time
Normal - Available in 24-72 hours
100% Rush - Available in less than 24 hours +50%
200% Rush - Available ASAP +75%
Rush charges apply to all processing & post.
*Large file quantities can extend turnaround time.

Delivery Media
500gb Portable Hard Drive (FireWire800/USB3) $200
1tb Portable Hard Drive (FireWire800/USB3) $290
Apple Certified DVD Media $20 each
CD Media $10 each

Post Production/Retouching
1-10 images $25.00 / image
11-75 images $20.00 / image
76+ images $18.00 / image
*Prices may very depending on complexity of retouching.

-Editing of images and picking appropriate number of selects.
-Custom processing RAW files to 16bit ProPhoto with tonal and color corrections, plus Dust Removal, Object Removal, Glamour Retouching, Upsampling or Downsampling to actual size for reproduction, Soft proofing with client's ICC profile, Creative sharpening (softening skin, sharpening eyes, etc), Output sharpening, Conversion of Raw image to PSD, TIF, or JPG files.

Custom review of material on web:
FTP Delivery
$50.00 for 50 images
$.75 for each    additional image



For more information or to book a digital tech e-mail us now.

Digital Processing & Color Correction

We bring your vision to life. Digital photography's RAW format contains massive amounts of information that can be processed in nearly infinite ways. We work with you to ensure that every aspect of your images, including exposure, brightness, color temperature, contrast, and saturation all combine to create your vision. (See examples)

Photo Retouching, Object Removal,
Clipping Paths & Masks

No problem. The demands of clients must often be fulfilled after their images are taken. Our Photoshop experts use digital tools to quickly and efficiently accomplish everything from simple blemish removal to complex image compositing. We remove unwanted objects or backgrounds using many different Photoshop techniques. Removing these distracting elements draws focus to the subject, improving overall composition. (See examples)

*Retouching services can also be used to prepare image files for high resolution print
or press output.

Digital Capture Experts

You don't have to be an expert at everything–we can help. From on-site preview to final submission, our highly knowledgeable digital technicians handle your digital files with experience and efficiency. We can help you with image capture, file processing, color correction, photo retouching, online editing, and archiving on the media of your choice. Our computer systems and software are constantly upgraded, ensuring maximum speed and security with your product.

Who is it For?

Location Photographers

Have a shoot on location? We have the equipment and (the expertise) to help make your location shoots run smoothly and quickly. Shoot tethered on the fly or we can safely transfer memory card image onto a hard drive with a back up for same day viewing and editing. Viewing the shots at the shoot guarantees that you are getting what you need for quick and easy delivery to the client.

Studio Photographers

Our skilled digital technicians can come to your studio and tether your camera to a high-speed Mac computer with a color calibrator HD Cinema Display. From there, you can actually sit at the computer or shoot handheld and take your photographs, capturing the subject exactly as you planned saving you time and money. Color corrected images are ready for the client moments after the image was taken.

Wedding, Stock & General Photographers

Snap away and leave the rest to us. Our trained post production specialists, photo retouchers and color correction team can help you edit and process your images for editorial, clients, portfolio, or for approval to major stock agencies like Getty, Corbis, and Photoshelter. Send us a hard drive or deliver image via FTP and we take care of the rest, from image enhancement and color correction, to object removal. Save time and shoot more while we do all the photoshop and computer work.

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